Our business is all about people. We invest in exceptional entrepreneurs that know how to work as a team and have the necessary mix of great vision and outstanding execution skills.

Our investment appetite spans from software applications, websites and mobile to media technologies, where we see the next big disruptive idea that fulfills a significant need. We do not expect startups pitching us to have thought everything through, however a clear simple business case, market opportunity, and business model are considered by us as vital.

We’ve kept our size small enough so that we are not bound by potential exit size when we make our investments, but large enough so that we can play a critical role for the companies we back.

Plus is a firm, not a VC or fund. This means we have neither Limited Partners, nor an investment committee taking part in our decision making process.
We are flexible and creative in our investments, and our unique structure and strategy allow us to move as fast as Angels, and invest across a wide range of funding.
We realize that fundraising is a daunting prospect (we’ve raised money ourselves) and we strive to make the process as quick, efficient and transparent as possible so that you can get back to the real business of building a great company.

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